STEEL PANTHER’s SATCHEL: ‘I Don’t Give A F**k If People Call Us A Parody Band’

STEEL PANTHER guitarist Satchel (real name Russ Parrish; ex-FIGHT) has told Australia’s Heavy magazine that he doesn’t take too kindly to anyone labeling his band a novelty or parody act.

“I hate it when anybody tries to put a band in a category because categories are just fucking for people who work at record stores and fucking write for Rolling Stone magazine,” he said. “All that shit is bullshit. Like, what kind of heavy metal are you? What kind of music do you play? What kind of radio stations are you gonna get put on? Well, first of all, we don’t get played on any fucking radio station, and second of all, I think it’s really funny when people try to put us in a parody band box because our lyrics may or may not be amusing. I mean, listen to ‘Ten Seconds To Love’ by MÖTLEY CRÜE. I mean, those lyrics are fucking ridiculous, but it’s a MÖTLEY CRÜE record and they’re a serious band.”

He continued: “I listen to that shit and go, ‘That’s funny shit. Those guys are fucking comedians. Mick Mars, he’s a funny guy.’ You know what I mean? I’m supposed to think that’s not funny? Fuck, I mean, we might have some funny shit too, but what it all comes down to at the end of the day is it doesn’t matter what you categorize something as; whether you say it’s heavy metal or comedy or fucking jazz improv comedy. I don’t fucking know what people wanna call it. All I know is I like to write bitchin’ songs.”

Satchel added: “All of our shit has hooks. It’s fun to sing our songs. Unlike a lot of other bands, I don’t feel like there’s a limit to where I can go lyrically, because I don’t care and I can write about anything that I want. Most bands have to write songs and go, ‘Ooh, I can’t say that because that won’t be able to get on radio.’ Well, twenty years ago, I said ‘fuck the radio,’ and it was one of the most freeing experiences I have ever had as a songwriter. It was like, I don’t give a fuck about the radio anymore. I can write about any fucking subject I want, and sure, some of it’s funny and that’s great, but I don’t give a fuck if people call us a parody band. All you’ve gotta do is listen to our songs. The people that hate us the most usually haven’t even fucking listened to our records.”

“Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage”, STEEL PANTHER’s first full-length film featuring a live ten-song acoustic concert interspersed with comedic vignettes showcasing the band’s unmatched shenanigans and debauchery, was released on February 26 on CD and CD/DVD by Open E Records via Kobalt Label Services.

Source: Blabbermouth

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