SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR Lends His Voice To BBC Series ‘Doctor Who’

According to the Mirror, SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has been tapped by the producers of “Doctor Who” to lend his “deep and terrifying roar to the alien warlord known as Fisher King” in the October 3 episode of the BBC television series.

Taylor and the other members of SLIPKNOT are huge fans of the “Doctor Who” series, so when BBC heard the band was going to be playing in Cardiff this past January, they reached out to see if Taylor would be interested in lending his voice to the character. The band was given a VIP tour of the “Doctor Who” set and Taylor recorded his vocals for Fisher King, which is a massive green alien that has tons of horns protruding from his body.

Fisher King is played by Neil Fingleton, the tallest British-born man and the tallest man in the European Union at 7 ft 7.56 in (232.6 cm) in height, and his speaking voice is “Shaun Of The Dead”’s Peter Serafinowicz.

Source: Blabbermouth

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