SLIPKNOT Is Planning ‘Big’ Concert In Des Moines To Mark End Of ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ Touring Cycle

On September 16, SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor was interviewed on “Great Day”, the morning program on KCWI, the CW-affiliated television station for the Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area. You can now watch video footage of his appearance below.

Asked when SLIPKNOT fans can expect to see the band perform in its hometown, Corey said: “We’re actually working on something for next year. We’re putting together… ‘Cause next year will probably be around the time that we start to kind of put the tail end to the tour cycle. By that time, it will like over a year and a half that we’ve been on the road. We’re looking to something here right around that time — just make something big [and] have fun with it. I say that knowing that somewhere God’s laughing at me for announcing my plans out loud. But we’re working on it.”

SLIPKNOT’s latest album, “.5: The Gray Chapter”, was released following a six-year hiatus during which SLIPKNOT’s original bassist Paul Gray died and drummer Joey Jordison was dismissed. Since the CD’s release, several of the SLIPKNOT band members, including guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson, have expressed hope that the group could record the follow-up effort sooner than expected, with Root claiming in interviews to have already begun compiling ideas for SLIPKNOT’s next release.

The latest single released from “The Gray Chapter” is called “Killpop”.

SLIPKNOT’s “Summer’s Last Stand” tour kicked off on July 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and wrapped on September 5 in Dallas.

Source: Blabbermouth

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