SLAYER-Branded Bikes Are Now Available

Subrosa, a BMX lifestyle brand with the goal of producing high-quality complete bikes, has partnered with SLAYER to make a series of bikes and gear. There are four collaboration bikes, the Subrosa Thunderbeast X Slayer frame and a Pivotal seat. They have a 12′ balance bike, 20″ BMX bike, 26″ cruiser and a 700C fixed gear bike that are all available through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Subrosa worldwide.

Subrosa brand manager Ryan Sher stated about the collection: “We couldn’t think of a bigger way to celebrate our 10th year as a brand than teaming up with SLAYER to create some of the most badass BMX bikes ever seen. I am stoked, and frankly still blown away to introduce you to the Subrosa/SLAYER collaboration.

“BMX has always had love for metal. Whether it’s in the headphones of riders ripping through town, background music during a contest run, or the soundtrack to some of the most famous and influential video parts, SLAYER has been a huge piece of it all.

“We are humbled and honored to be teaming up with SLAYER on this project. We wanted to create bikes that BMX riders could use and abuse, and we had to do justice to SLAYER and their fans by creating a look that would represent the band, and stand out from anything we’ve done before.

“The ‘Cradle To Grave’ theme in this collaboration project will embrace audiences from all ages because once you are a Subrosa or a SLAYER fan, you are a fan for life.”

The entire Subrosa/SLAYER collection will be available worldwide in October.

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Source: Blabbermouth

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