Sixx: A.M.’s DJ Ashba Composes Theme for Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’ Horror Film

While Sixx: A.M. will take up a majority of his time now that he’s left Guns N’ Roses, guitarist DJ Ashba has found space in his schedule to help out a friend — movie director Eli Roth. Ashba has composed the theme to Roth’s upcoming horror film The Green Inferno.

Roth, who got his big break as a director with the Hostel franchise and also had a hit with Cabin Fever, this time turns his focus to a jungle adventure featuring cannibals. In the film, a group of college students stage a humanitarian protest in the Amazon only to find themselves taken prisoner by the indigenous tribe they came to save.

In the video above, Roth and Ashba provide a brief introduction to the song and then fans can hear the track as it plays over scenes from the film. Roth reveals that part of the reason he selected Ashba was because of the guitarist’s love of horror films.

Ashba says in the clip, “When you sent it to me, it’s this crazy cannibal movie. It was late too and I’m sitting there by myself in my house going, ‘Holy crap.’ I shut it off and I was just like goosebumps and I ran to my studio and I stayed up all night long and I think I sent [Eli] the song within 24 hours.” The guitarist says the fast turnaround came because he was so inspired by what he had just seen and was anxious to be a part of it.

Take a listen to “Escape From the Green Inferno” in the player above and look for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno in theaters on Sept. 25.

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