SEVENDUST’s CLINT LOWERY: Free ‘Mountain’ Guitar Lesson (Video)

A free guitar lesson from SEVENDUST guitarist Clint Lowery for the band’s song “Mountain” can be seen below. The clip is taken from Lowery’s recently instructional DVD as part of Fret12’s “The Sound And The Story” series.

Lowery’s musical journey is one of the most unbelievable stories you’ve never heard. As one of modern music’s finest songwriters and guitarists, his name has become synonymous with memorable songwriting melody paired with heavy rhythm and groove. It is a sound unlike any other. It is a sound that is quintessentially Clint Lowery. Get ready to experience Clint Lowery like never before…

Hear the story behind one of modern heavy music’s most-talked-about guitarists. With a signature sound and songwriting style that is instantly identifiable, Clint Lowery has helped define the sound of every musical project he has been a part of. Fret12 gets you one on one with Clint — to hear his musical story, plus learn his most memorable songs and guitar techniques. This guitar instructional feature covers material from SEVENDUST, DARK NEW DAY, HELLO DEMONS MEET SKELETONS, CALL ME NO ONE, and much more!

What you’re getting:

* “The Sound” – Learn some of Clint’s most popular songs, solos, and riffs — from all of his bands!
* “The Story” – For the first time ever Clint tells his complete story
* 2+ hours of song tutorials, teaching solos, riffs and more
* 2+ hours of guitar instruction covering guitar technique
* Live concert footage plus a full rig tour of Clint’s gear
* Never-before-seen interviews with bandmates, family, and more
* Outtakes and blooper reel
* Downloadable tablature PDF included

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Source: Blabbermouth

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