See the New Blood-Spitting KISS Gene Simmons Action Figure

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Wonder what to get the KISS Army member in your family this holiday season? We’re certain that a brand new Gene Simmons action figure is sure to be a popular choice. This isn’t any ordinary “demon” either, as the new 12-inch action figure actually spits blood just like its human counterpart.

Figures Toy Company have teamed up with KISS to create the new “demon” figure. Danny “The Farrow” Anniello designed the 12-inch figure, which comes inside a resealable plastic clamshell packaging and includes a mini Punisher bass guitar.

The action figure does have one disclaimer with it, as rubber gloves included with the item must be worn when filling the head with fake blood, as it can stain clothes or other articles.

The figure can be seen in the photo above and an Instagram post showing some of the blood-spitting action can be seen below.

The figure is currently available for pre-order at this location and the action figures are expected to arrive in early December, though the arrival date is subject to change.

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