SEBASTIAN BACH Laments New Albums’ Increasingly Short Life Span

In a brand new interview with Australia’s Across The Ocean, former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach spoke about the process of making his latest solo album, last year’s “Give ‘Em Hell”. He said: “All you can do is make music that you like yourself and that you want to listen to over and over again. That’s how I do it. How I get to that point, I can say to you that I’m going to make a more melodic album this time or this or that, but if I hear some deadly heavy metal riff, I’m not not going to do it because I have this plan. I’ll do the best music that I can that is interesting and that I want to sing over. However I get to that point is kind of like some weird magic.”

He continued: “I really am proud of every record. Ninety nine percent of the records I love, so I love ‘Angel Down’, ‘Kicking & Screaming’ and ‘Give ‘Em Hell’, ‘Slave To The Grind’, ‘Subhuman Race’, the first SKID ROW album… I’m proud of them all.”

Asked if he felt challenged with “Give ‘Em Hell”, Bach responded: “How do I answer that politically correct? I’m always in trouble, dude, and I’m, like, ‘Fuck it! Just do what I want.’ It just seems to me… I need to get this off my chest… When I make a record, I spend two years on it every single day torturing myself to make it stand up to the other records I put out. It is very challenging, and it is all on my shoulders. Every day I am reminded by the deadline via e-mail that you got to give it to us by this date and if you don’t, you’re going to be in trouble. It is like I work for a year or two on something, then the last day I have control over it is when I deliver it. Once I deliver it, I don’t have any control over.”

He continued: “Every one of my records sells exactly the same amount of copies — it is like six or seven thousand in the first week out in the States, and I always seem to chart at either sixty nine, seventy or seventy one. The day I give that record away, I don’t hear from anybody, because it is gone and that’s that. There’s no radio.

“It would be nice to have a plan after I deliver it; that is what I would say to you. It kind of makes me weary when I say, ‘Here we go again,’ to give two years of myself to a project, then once I put it out, it is kind of done. It would be cool to have a radio station get into it or something. That’s the way it is now. In the old days, we would do interviews, radio, magazines and stuff like that, but it is a different world now.”

“Give ‘Em Hell” sold around 4,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 72 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Bach’s previous CD, “Kicking & Screaming”, opened with 6,600 units back in October 2011 to land at No. 73.

The singer’s 2007 effort, “Angel Down”, registered a first-week tally of 6,400 back to enter the chart at No. 190.

“Give ‘Em Hell” was released on April 22, 2014 via Frontiers Records.

Bach’s much-anticipated autobiography, “18 And Life On Skid Row”, will be released in early 2016 via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.
Source: Blabbermouth

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