SCOTT WEILAND’s Wife: He Was Not Doing Drugs

Scott Weiland’s wife has told that her husband was not doing drugs before he was found dead on his band’s tour bus Thursday night (December 3).

Jamie Weiland, who met Scott in 2011 on the set of his music video for “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, one of the singles from his “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” solo album, claims the singer was drug free for years, although she admits he has been drinking socially.

According to, drugs were found on the bus, but Jamie insists they were not Scott‘s. She tells the site that there was a pact among the members of Scott’s band, THE WILDABOUTS, not to do drugs. Jamie told “He [Scott] was the best he has ever been.”

Weiland had a history of drug abuse. He was arrested in 1995 for attempting to buy crack cocaine before being arrested again two years later for heroin possession. In 1999, the singer was ordered to spend a year in a county-jail recovery center due to a probation violation. He also entered rehab following a DUI arrest in November 2007.

STP fired Weiland in February 2013 after reuniting with him in 2010 for a series of tours and one self-titled album. The band had previously been on hiatus since 2002, primarily due to the singer’s struggles with drugs and alcohol. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS then recruited a new frontman, Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK, and released one critically acclaimed EP, “High Rise”.

Speaking to a Canadian reporter last year, Weiland denied that his “demons” were still a factor as he continued to tour with THE WILDABOUTS. “Past demons are past demons; that’s stuff that I dealt with 14 years ago,” he said. “I mean, I guess Keith Richards [of THE ROLLING STONES] gets asked about [his past drug use], so why shouldn’t I? But it’s not something that I think about, ever. Those days of my dope abuse, and use, are long since by me.”

Weiland’s passing is the second death for THE WILDABOUTS. Back in March, THE WILDABOUTS guitarist Jeremy Brown died as a result of intoxication from multiple drugs. Brown’s death was ruled accidental.
Source: Blabbermouth

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