SCOTT WEILAND’s Widow Says He Was ‘Drinking Heavily’ Before Last Tour

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Scott Weiland’s third wife and now widow, Jamie Weiland, admitted in an interview with Rolling Stone that her husband was drinking heavily before he left on the tour that eventually claimed his life. She added: “He did tell me, ‘I’m going to get it together.'” Jamie also said that she joined Scott on the road for a week in November, adding that he was “just killing it” onstage, “every night taking it up a notch.”

Scott Weiland was found dead on his tour bus on December 3 at the age of 48 from a toxic combination of drugs and alcohol, including cocaine and ecstasy. He was touring with his band THE WILDABOUTS in support of their recent album “Blaster”. He left behind two teenage children with his previous wife, Mary Forsberg Weiland.

Jamie said that the death last March of Scott’s close friend, WILDABOUTS guitarist Jeremy Brown, from a drug overdose was a devastating blow to her husband. She explained, “Even up to a couple of weeks ago, when I saw him, he’d talk about Jeremy every day. He always had tears in his eyes.”

Weiland’s former bandmate, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS bassist Robert DeLeo, told Rolling Stone that when the singer was at his best, “Scott was leading us. He had the power and charisma. It was as if we were getting baptized every night.”

STP guitarist Dean DeLeo said: “Everything came easy to him — riding a horse, waterskiing, basketball.” But Dean added that Scott couldn’t stop “racing, worrying. He had a hard time accepting help, allowing himself to receive it.”

Scott’s manager at the time of his death, Tom Vitorino, said that Scott — who went from playing arenas with STP to struggling to fill clubs with THE WILDABOUTS — was “well aware of where he was in his career, of how he got there.” Vitorino recalled Scott asking him why he would want to get involved with the troubled singer, to which Vitorino said he replied, ‘Because you don’t have a talent problem.'”

Robert DeLeo said he went into his garage and looked through his STP memorabilia after Scott’s death, explaining, “I was looking back at all the stuff I saved. That’s how I want to look back at Scott: for what he added to my life.”
Source: Blabbermouth

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