SCOTT WEILAND’s Guitarist Opens Up About Singer’s Death

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Nick Maybury, guitarist in the late Scott Weiland’s band THE WILDABOUTS, has opened up in a new interview about the night last month that Weiland died on the band’s tour bus at the age of 48. Maybury himself only joined the band earlier in 2015 after guitarist Jeremy Brown passed away on the eve of the release of their latest and now final album, “Blaster”.

Maybury told Guitar Player that on the night of Weiland’s death, the singer stayed on the tour bus while the band members and crew went to Minnesota’s Mall of America. Maybury took a cab back and saw police cars surrounding the bus as he arrived. He explained that after learning Weiland had died, “I was just blank. Numbness, shock, trauma, tears, emotions, the whole thing. Having to talk to the cops, being in an emotional state, was just rough.”

Weiland died of a deadly mix of drugs and alcohol, but Maybury said, “I never saw Scott do any drugs. It’s obvious now, we all know that he was. He obviously wasn’t doing it in front of everyone… I’d see him drinking a lot, we all knew he was drinking, and on the prescription stuff too. We knew that was a terrible mix to start with already.”

Maybury, who is sober, said he had a tough time fitting into the group at first. He explained, “It was rough for them having to adjust to a new guy, the new dynamic, and missing the co-writer who wrote the stuff, their buddy, and I wasn’t drinking, or doing anything like that.”

At one point, Maybury shared his concerns for Weiland with the singer, saying: “I was that concerned about him, and we were on that level… He would listen. He might not say anything, but I knew he would take things [and listen]. He was the kind of guy, he would want you to feel better, he wanted you to feel comfortable. He made me feel like I was his family in the end.”

The guitarist concluded: “He just wasn’t well, man. He should have been recovering and getting healthy.”
Source: Blabbermouth

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