SCOTT WEILAND Is Open To Reunion With STONE TEMPLE PILOTS: ‘It Could Be Cool In The Future’

Ex-STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Scott Weiland says that he is open to a reunion with his former bandmates, but says that he would like to “give it a little bit of time” before returns to his previous group.

STP dismissed Weiland in February 2013, claiming that his solo activities and erratic behavior were detrimental to the band.

The group later sued Weiland, with the singer firing off a countersuit and claiming that they could not use the band name without his involvement.

In the meantime, STP hired LINKIN PARK frontman Chester Bennington as their new vocalist, releasing an EP called “High Rise” in October 2013. The band has since parted ways with Bennington and is currently seeking a new singer.

Asked by Louisville’s 93.1 The Fox Rocks radio station if he would be willing to go back to STONE TEMPLE PILOTS if they called him and asked him to rejoin the band, Weiland responded (hear audio below): “I think it would be beneficial to wait a little while, give it a little bit of time to let some air kind of breathe between all of us before that happens. Like, you know, a year or something like that.”

Pressed about why things didn’t work out between him and the other members of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS during their last reunion, Weiland said: “Part of it was the recording process [for 2010’s ‘Stone Temple Pilots’ album]. Don Was was slated to produce the album, and he was there producing the album, and Robert [DeLeo] and Dean [DeLeo] wanted to produce the album with just the band. And I didn’t think that was a good idea, ‘cause I thought it was too many cooks in the kitchen. And it was a difference of vision. And it kind of started off things on the wrong foot, then it kind of spillt over into the touring. And we just kind of had a different sort of vision. But I don’t know… I think that it could be cool in the future.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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