Saves the Day’s Chris Conley Dresses Down Chatty Crowd: ‘Shut the F–k Up and Listen’

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We’ve all been there. You’re out to see a show but you run into a group of people who decide they’d rather talk through a majority of the gig instead of paying attention to the performance in front of them. It’s a definite annoyance and one that Saves the Day vocalist Chris Conley dealt with in a rather explosive fashion during a recent performance in Asbury Park, N.J.

Conley, who was one of the musicians taking part in the “Where’s the Band?” show where singer-songwriters collaborate on each other’s tracks, took exception to the chatty audience and tried to remedy the situation, getting more and more into a rant as he continued.

“This is a teaching moment,” began Conley, who may have had a few drinks leading up to his onstage rant. “Y’all better have to take a class to be part of the crowd.” He went on to add, “It’s all about respect, motherf–kers! C’mon. We’re doing this together. You’re all out there chatting. We’re up here away from our families trying to play you heartfelt songs. Shut the f–k up and listen.”

Continuing with the idea that this was a class lesson, when someone bought a drink to him onstage, he stated, “A+.” Continuing his attempt to get his frustration off his chest before returning to playing, he concluded, “I realize if you haven’t gotten the message yet, you’re s–t out of luck.”

After the rant, which elicited some cheers, the audience members then proceeded to join in the singing of a song and the show continued with a likely more engaged audience.

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