Saint Asonia Discuss the Band’s Formation, Album Tracks + ‘Supergroup’ Label

There were more than a few turned heads earlier this year when it was revealed that a new act whose members had been in bands dominating the mainstream rock charts over the last decade had formed. It wasn’t long before the secret on Saint Asonia was out. The group, consisting of Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace), Mike Mushok (Staind), Corey Lowery (Dark New Day) and Rich Beddoe (Finger Eleven), were set to try out something new.

Loudwire recently had a chance to chat with Saint Asonia principles Mike Mushok and Adam Gontier about the formation of the band and we also got the lowdown on their current hit “Better Place” and the album standout “Let Me Live My Life.”

Mushok reveals that even during Staind’s downtime, he’s always writing and looking for other opportunities and that led him to Gontier. “I was always a huge fan of [Three Days Grace] and what Adam did. I always thought he had a great voice and was a great frontman and loved the lyrics,” said the guitarist. The pair go deeper on how the band formed and what it’s like to be considered a “new band” after having such success with their careers prior to Saint Asonia.

In the clip above you’ll also learn the lyrical significance of “Better Place,” dig into the writing process of the band, find out why “supergroup” may not necessarily be a fitting term for Saint Asonia and for those wondering if this is a one-off thing, Gontier states, “We’re here for the long haul, for sure.” Check out the interview in full above.

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