Queensryche Unleash New Track ‘Hellfire’

Queensryche have revealed another new song from their upcoming album Condition Human. The Seattle-based progressive metal band just released the five-minute track “Hellfire,” which you can hear in the player above.

“Hellfire” harkens back to the sounds on the band’s classic 1988 album Operation: Mindcrime with its progressive nature featuring some intriguing sound effects and phenomenal guitar work. The song is similar in sound to Mindcrime’s “The Mission” and begins with an acoustic guitar riff before launching into a crushingly heavy groove.

The track features some amazing vocals from Todd La Torre, who seems to be hitting his stride with the band. Guitarist Michael Wilton recently told us, “Todd La Torre is really doing an amazing job with the band. He’s really matured over the past two years and gotten more comfortable singing the songs and as far as the last recording he’s really grown from that process and really brought to the Condition Human album his ‘A’ game.”

Wilton added, “Todd is an incredible asset to the band. He is a true musician. He can play drums, he can play guitar, he can play keyboards and what happens in the writing process is that he can communicate to us a detailed explanation of what he might be hearing.” The guitarist concluded, “He expedites the communication and communication is key in a band… once the communication is flowing among the band members, everything that is involved in the recording starts happening smoothly and it really proceeds with everyone involved.”

For our complete interview with Michael Wilton click here.

Queensryche will release Condition Human on Oct. 2 via Century Media Records. The album is available for pre-order in various bundles here. Queensryche are out on the road now with Scorpions. Click here for their tour dates.

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Source: Loudwire.com

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