Priest Apologizes For Saying EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Concert In Paris Was ‘Inspired By Satan’

According to Agence France-Presse, a French priest has apologized for describing the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL concert where 90 people were killed by terrorists in Paris last month as “inspired by Satan”.

“I regret fuelling a controversy about some musical genres. It was completely inappropriate and indecent,” Francois Schneider told his parishioners in the town of Wissembach in northeastern France.

In a November 29 homily, Schneider praised the memory of those who died at the six cafes and restaurants hit during the rampage. But he failed to do the same with the 90 victims of the Bataclan, saying that the performance by the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL was “inspired by Satan.”

Meanwhile, another priest, Hervé Benoît, was relieved of his functions at Lyon’s Fourvière basilica after after comparing those killed in the shootings at the Bataclan concert hall with the ISIS extremists who shot them, saying they were “Siamese twins”

“Look at the photos of the audience just before the tragedy,” he wrote in a November 20 column on the conservative Catholic web site Riposte Catholique. “These poor children of the lefty generation, in an ecstatic trance … they are the living dead.

“Their killers, these zombies, are their Siamese twins.

“It’s so obvious!… Same childishness, same lack of culture…Violence, sex, drugs, making a racket… you invoke the devil for a laugh? He will take you seriously.”

Benoît also appeared to equate the deaths of those gunned down by terrorists with abortion, saying: “130 deaths, that’s awful! And 600 deaths, what is that? That’s the number of abortions in France on the same day. Where is the horror?”

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, announced Benoît’s dismissal in a statement on November 27.

“Following the publication of an opinion column by Father Hervé Benoît, and after taking the time to meet and listen to him, I have decided, along with his bishop, to relieve him of his pastoral duties in the diocese of Lyon,” he said.

Barbarin also urged Father Benoît to “withdraw to an abbey to take time to pray and reflect.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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