President Obama Insists He’s Not The Lead Singer of Korn While Handing Out Medal of Honor

The mind can play tricks on you, but sometimes what you see is actually real. A few years back, Army captain Florent Groberg did his country a great service when he spotted a suicide bomber and tackled him, saving the lives of many others as a result of his brave actions. When he came to in a bit of a haze in a hospital, who saw what he thought to be Jonathan Davis, lead singer of Korn. But it was no vision. Davis was among the first to see Groberg after his act of heroism, as the singer visited a number of Army bases a few years ago.

Groberg, who needed 33 surgeries to save his leg after tackling the bomber, is the newest Medal of Honor winner and President Obama relayed his story during the presentation.

“Flo thought, ‘What’s going on? Am I hallucinating?’” revealed Obama about what he saw when he awoke in the hospital, then joking, “Today Flo, I want to assure you you are not hallucinating. You are actually in the White House. Those cameras are on, and I am not the lead singer from Korn.” The comments can be seen in the first 90 seconds of the video above.

The 32-year-old Groberg is now medically retired from the Army. Three service members and a foreign service officer were killed in the blast, with Groberg being the only one who survived the attempt at stopping the bomber. He shares the medal of honor with the four deceased military members.

Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald spoke about Groberg during a Veterans Day ceremony. He stated, “Captain Groberg acted in a manner that saved the lives of many of his comrades. Tragically, he could not save them all. When he was informed last month that he would receive the Medal of Honor, he said, and I quote, ‘This medal belongs to them. It’s my mission to tell everyone thank you for recognizing me, but this does not belong to me. It belongs to them. That’s how I’m coping with it mentally.’”

Jonathan Davis posted a video snippet of Obama’s speech on his Instagram account. Check it out below.


A video posted by Jonathan Davis Official (@jdevil33) on Nov 12, 2015 at 1:09pm PST

Back in 2012, Davis appeared in an award-winning documentary short film titled Wounded Warriors, which chronicled his visit to the Ramstein Air Base in Germany to visit with military members stationed at the base. You can watch that film in the player below.

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