Pop Evil Unveil Psychedelic ‘Ways to Get High’ Video

Get ready for something almost as eye catching as it is ear catching from Pop Evil. The band has just released one of the catchiest songs of their career with the single “Ways to Get High” and they turned to their longtime directing collaborator Johan Carlen for the song’s video.

What we get is a pretty psychedelic looking performance-based video with plenty of trippy green screen visuals added in around the band. It’s a clip that will definitely draw the eye while subconsciously the music will become even more of the ear candy that it already is.

Drummer Chachi Riot’s beat is sure to grab any listener, while guitarists Nick Fuelling and Dave Grahs and bassist Matt DiRito surround the beat with a wall of infectious chords as Leigh Kakaty brings it home with his vocals on the track. “This song is a chance to free your mind and express yourself in whatever mood you may be in,” says Kakaty. “Find your Shine!”

“Ways to Get High” is the latest single to come from Pop Evil’s latest album, UP. The disc has already generated the chart-topping rock radio hit “Footsteps.” You can get your copy of UP via Amazon and iTunes.

Pop Evil have one more tour leg this year, with dates winding up right before Christmas. See their upcoming shows here.

Pop Evil, ‘UP’ – Album Review

Source: Loudwire.com

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