OVERKILL To Perform Entire ‘Horrorscope’ And ‘Feel The Fire’ Albums At Special Anniversary Concert

Veteran New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL will play a special anniversary show at Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany on April 16, 2016. The evening will see the band will play the records “Horrorscope” (which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary) and “Feel The Fire” (30th anniversary) in their entirety. And if that wasn’t enough, the show will be professionally filmed and recorded for an upcoming DVD.

Comments OVERKILL vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth: “This April in Oberhausen, we will celebrate not one anniversary but three in one, by recording for DVD ‘Horrorscope’ and ‘Feel The Fire’ in their entirety, and 30 years touring Germany. Why Germany? Well this is where it all started for us, and truly our first home when it comes to live performance. It is not so much the celebration of the releases but more so one that celebrates our solidarity and commitment to the Deutsche metal scene from the beginning….so join us, be loud and above all BE metal! Over the wall boys and give ‘em the cold steel!”

The exclusive pre-sale for the Oberhausen shows starts on November 9 at 9.00 a.m. CET.

Asked about OVERKILL’s timeline for the follow-up to 2014’s “White Devil Armory” album, Ellsworth told SkullsNBones.com: “We’re shooting for October of 2016; I mean, that’s our release date time. We’re gonna start demoing stuff come early next year. We’re gonna go to South America first, ‘cause we just like doing that; I mean, it’s just fun, it’s off the hook down there. Then we have a tour through the U.K. and one special show we’re gonna do in Germany. But, during that process, stufl will be recorded and written and re-written. So it’s never this distinct timeline process for us. It’s kind of us saying, ‘Okay, let’s start,’ and then all the shit we’ve collected since ‘White Devil Armory’ starts showing itself, starts coming out. We planted the seeds, and now you see the leaves coming out of the ground. So it’s not gonna be that hard process. I mean, it’s not gonna be ever talk. It’s just gonna be action versus reaction, like many OVERKILL records. I can’t tell you it’s gonna be the best thing since canned beer or sliced bread; it’s just gonna be OVERKILL.”

Ellsworth also talked about OVERKILL’s longevity. He said: “This shit has transcended generation after generation after generation, and not on a large level. You get the masses in here, and the masses pollute it, you know what I’m saying? ‘Who peed in the gene pool?’ kind of a thing, you know? But I do think the idea is that when you can actually have a father, son, grandpa, or father and daughter listening to this stuff and saying, ‘This is what it’s all about,’ for us, that’s something that’s pretty special. ‘Cause we’re metalheads before we’re OVERKILL, you know what I mean? That’s why it kind of works for us; we have the right priority there. So we appreciate, obviously, the support, but we’re also supporters of such. So maybe that’s the key to this — don’t have that identity crisis, and be one of the dudes.”

OVERKILL’s first worldwide release on Nuclear Blast was a special box set comprised of the band’s entire back catalog, made available on September 18. Titled “Historikill: 1995 – 2007”, it contains 11 OVERKILL albums on 13 CDs and a bonus CD (containing demos, remixes and an unreleased cover song) in digi sleeves.

Source: Blabbermouth

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