One New CHICKENFOOT Song ‘In The Works,’ With More Possibly On The Way, Says JOE SATRIANI

Joe Satriani, the legendary guitar shredder who recorded such platinum sellers as “Surfing With The Alien” and “Flying In A Blue Dream”, took time out of his schedule to join Shawn and Corbs of “The GuitCast” podcast to talk about his early music education, his amplifier prototype for Marshall Amplification, his new album, “Shockwave Supernova”, and the current state of CHICKENFOOT, his project with Sammy Hagar (ex-VAN HALEN), Michael Anthony (ex-VAN HALEN) and Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS).

Speaking about what, if anything, is going on with CHICKENFOOT at the moment, Satriani said: “I think all my complaining and foot stomping really had an effect, because it was really bothering me and I still, philosophically, just felt like there was a really big disconnect there [between me and some of the other members of CHICKENFOOT]. I got asked by every single journalist ten times a day [what was going on with the band]. And when I started speaking my mind, I think I realized I rattled some feathers there in the ‘FOOT camp. And I followed it up with just writing some new music, and I sent Sam some stuff, and I was surprised to see him respond so quickly with some creative ideas. And I can happily tell you now that there is a track that is circulating through the band. It’s got new drums from Chad on it, it’s got new vocals from Sam, and I think Mike is coming at the end of this week to add bass and vocals. So there might be something coming. I know there’s a song in the works, and I’m working on a few others that I think I can get them to do. So, yeah, I think there’s hope.”

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Hagar revealed via Facebook that he spent August 28 in the studio with Satriani as the guitarist “gear[ed] up for his world tour to support his awesome new CD — and he and I are always messing around with song ideas to see if it tastes like chicken ha ha.”

Asked to clarify the comments he made to Rolling Stone magazine where he was quoted as saying that he thinks CHICKENFOOT is finished making albums, Hagar told VH1 Classic’s syndicated radio show “On Tap With Nik Carter” last fall: “It’s not that [CHICKENFOOT has] run its course, it’s just that I’m not sure… in everyone’s schedule that we can put aside a year and make a record, make some videos and go out and do a world tour, like what we would have to do. The recording side of it is what’s tough; that takes so much time and finances. And if the record business for a band like that, if we could sell a million records, we’d probably say, ‘Okay, at least we can pay for the record.’ But when you spend half a million dollars on a record and it sells a a hundred and twenty-five thousand copies, I’m sorry, that’s ‘pay to play.”

He continued: “In my life, everything I do now, I’m looking at [it like], this could be my last year of this. I don’t know how much longer I can really do that hard grind. I love to go out on tour, but I can’t do a hundred shows a year. I would probably have to retire if I did, if I tried to do that. So I’m trying to pick and choose everything I do and make it more special for me. What I wanna do. [What] makes me happy. And it ain’t just about work. I’m not interested in making more money. It’s about just making myself happy. And CHICKENFOOT would really make me happy, except for the damn workload and the success of it. It’s just that the record business is kind of done. I mean, I’m sorry to say that. It’s sad.”

CHICKENFOOT reissued its gold-selling 2009 self-titled debut as a double-disc set. The new version features bonus live tracks recorded on the group’s tour behind its sophomore studio effort, “III”

CHICKENFOOT’s most recent touring lineup included legendary drummer/musician Kenny Aronoff, who was filling in for Smith while Chad was on the road with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

“III” sold 42,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band’s self-titled debut opened with 49,000 units back in June 2009 to debut at No. 6.

Hagar’s current band, THE CIRCLE, plays songs from all eras of its members’ lives, including tracks from VAN HALEN and LED ZEPPELIN.

Photo credit: LeAnn Mueller

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Why does Joe got to act like that? Hanging at the studio today as he gears up for his world tour to support his awesome…

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