NIKKI SIXX: ‘Politics Has Become Reality Television’

SIXX:A.M. members Nikki Sixx and James Michael spoke to BBC News about the band’s new single, “Rise”, which implores listeners to open their eyes, go against the grain, and stand up against adversity.

“People are saying ‘we hate [controversial Republican presidential candidate] Donald Trump,'” said Sixx, but there is “so much negativity coming into the system that people are running away from it.

“Our answer to that is there’s never a better time to use your voice than now.”

Michael added: “When you look at what’s going on in the United States right now, it’s one of the loudest, most volatile election years I can remember.

“There’s a reason for that. There’s a reason people like Donald Trump are getting so much traction. Because he’s just saying things very loudly, very boldly. He’s not being politically correct. And the reason people are reacting to that type of a voice is they’re angry. They’re scared on a global level and a personal level. It affects them right down to the dinner table.”

Continued Sixx: “You have a lot of people rallying behind that campaign, who are clearly fed up, and clearly engaged and activated. But when you really look at the policies being offered to those people, they don’t sync up.

“A lot of people who say ‘I like Donald Trump because he speaks his mind,’ are following someone who’s not really going to act in their best interests.

“That’s what we’re reacting to.”

Asked if they hope other artists will follow suit by recording and releasing protest songs, Sixx said: “How could people not? Because we are under siege. Politics has become reality television. It is ridiculous.

“We have presidential candidates not being presidential at all, saying the most ludicrous stuff and the media regurgitates it, over and over. It is nothing to be proud about. So how can people not stand up and say, ‘This is BS’?”

“Rise” is taken from “Prayers For The Damned”, the new double album from SIXX:A.M., which was released on April 29 via Eleven Seven Music.

Source: Blabbermouth

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