MOTÖRHEAD’s PHIL CAMPBELL Explains Absence From LEMMY’s Funeral

MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell says that he was unable to attend Lemmy’s funeral because he was advised by doctors not to fly.

Many MOTÖRHEAD fans were wondering why Campbell was a no-show at Lemmy’s Hollywood funeral, which was attended by such notable rock and rollers as Dave Grohl, GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash and METALLICA members Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider and Gene Simmons.

In a series of tweets, Campbell explained that he was under doctor’s orders not to make the trip from the U.K. He said: “Amazing service for Lem the other day, everyone there spoke beautifully. I really wanted to attend but I wasn’t able to make it. Unfortunately, I was advised on doctor’s orders not to fly on such a long haul flight due to my recent hospitalisation. I’m doing well though and I managed to watch the whole service via the online stream, so thanks to the MOTÖRHEAD team for organising that.”

MOTÖRHEAD had to reschedule three European shows late last year after Campbell was taken to hospital with an undisclosed health problem.

Lemmy’s memorial service was broadcast live on YouTube and was watched by more than 280,000 MOTÖRHEAD fans around the world.

Lemmy, who celebrated his 70th birthday on Christmas Eve, was told two days later that he had an aggressive form of cancer. Two days after that, he passed away at his home in L.A.
MOTÖRHEAD (and Lemmy) were legends in the eyes of metal and punk fans and performers, and he was especially beloved for his take-no-prisoners rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.
Source: Blabbermouth

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