Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister Walks Off Texas Stage Mid-Show: “I Can’t Do It”

“I can’t do it.” That’s what Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister told the crowd in Texas last night (Sept. 1), right before he and the band ended their concert early. The group played three songs for the Austin crowd before the singer ended the show. Check out the video above of their final song from the gig where you see Lemmy shake his head and say that he can’t continue. At the end of the clip, Kilmister comes back to the stage apologizes to the crowd for the show’s abrupt end.

Motorhead just began their North American tour on Aug. 19 in support of their new album Bad Magic, but the shows have been plagued with problems. They cut their Salt Lake City, Utah, gig short last week and canceled their Denver Riot Fest gig outright, citing that Kilmister was having trouble breathing because of the high altitude.

In a statement about the Denver cancellation, the group mentioned that they were looking forward to their Texas shows because of the low elevation. Flash forward to their Austin gig, Glide magazine reported that the 69-year-old singer was “looking fatigued and winded” and “a little slow on the bass” while playing. Motorhead managed to perform “Damage Case,” “Stay Clean” and “Metropolis,” before cutting their set short. Check out their “Damage Control” performance below.

Kilmister has been struggling with serious health issues for over two years. In October of last year, the singer revealed that he’d even come “close to death” during surgery that involved implanting a defibrillator in his chest.

Motorhead’s 22nd album, Bad Magic, was released this past Friday and the band is set to continue their tour tonight in San Antonio. No word yet from the band if any further shows will be affected.

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