MOTÖRHEAD’s LEMMY: ‘I’m Not Gonna Die Broke’

MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister has led quite an incredible life as an international rock star. Check out the three-part “Life Lessons” series from Playboy (see below) in which he talks about chasing women, coming close to death, finding God, parenting, fame, success, heroin, revenge and UFOs.

MOTÖRHEAD’s 22nd studio album, “Bad Magic”, will be released on August 28. The CD was recorded at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood with longtime producer Cameron Webb.

In 2013, Lemmy underwent an operation to implant a cardioverter-defibrillator into his chest, a device that helps prevent an irregular heartbeat turning into no heartbeat. Then, shortly afterwards, he suffered a hematoma. Earlier this year, MOTÖRHEAD was forced to cancel shows after he suffered a gastric illness.

Lemmy has cut back on booze and cigarettes — he’s down to a pack a week, and has swapped from Jack and Coke to vodka and orange, apparently to help with his diabetes.

He told The Guardian: “I like orange juice better. So Coca-Cola can fuck off.”

The singer and bassist said that he has to walk with a stick because his legs “are fucked,” but he added: “Apparently I am still indestructible.”

And he insisted the only way MOTÖRHEAD will stop performing is if he dies. “As long as I can walk the few yards from the back to the front of the stage without a stick,” he said. “Or even if I do have to use a stick.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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