MOTÖRHEAD Resumes Tour With Complete Show in St. Louis

MOTÖRHEAD resumed its U.S. tour last night (Tuesday, September 8) in St. Louis after canceling its previous three shows due to health issues experienced by the band’s frontman, Lemmy Kilmister.

In a Facebook message posted after last night’s show, MOTÖRHEAD wrote: “St Louis. How lovely it was to kick every single one of your asses tonight eh!”

MOTÖRHEAD is due to play at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana, tonight and has ten more North American shows scheduled for later this month. A European tour kicks off in November.

On September 1, MOTÖRHEAD delivered only three songs — “Damage Case”, “Stay Clean” and “We Are Motörhead” — in Austin before Lemmy told the crowd, “I can’t do it.” It followed a similarly abbreviated performance in Salt Lake City, where the band cited the high altitude as the reason behind Lemmy’s inability to breathe. A show in Denver, at an even higher altitude, was scrapped the following day before MOTÖRHEAD ever took the stage.

MOTÖRHEAD later blamed the concert cancelations on the fact that Lemmy had a “lung infection,” which was “exacerbated by that Denver altitude.”

MOTÖRHEAD’s 22nd studio album, “Bad Magic”, was released on August 28. The CD was recorded at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood with longtime producer Cameron Webb.

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St.Louis!!!! St.Louis St.Louis SAINT LOOOOUUUIIISSSS!!!!!! How LOVELY it was for Motörhead to kick every single one of your asses tonight eh?!!!!!!! (thanks to Victor for the speedy pix!)

Posted by Official Motörhead on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Source: Blabbermouth

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