MOTÖRHEAD Partners With SELECT A HEAD For Custom Drum Displays

Select A Head has announced a new partnership with MOTÖRHEAD through a joint venture with Global Merchandising Services. The partnership includes patent-pending, custom printed drum displays featuring the band’s top-charting albums, including “Bad Magic”, “Aftershock” and “No Remorse”, plus a notable drum display commemorating MOTÖRHEAD’s 40th anniversary.

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The Select A Head displays are not some printed drum heads found on a drum kit, but rather heads secured on a custom drum shell and hung on a wall producing interchangeable works of art. It’s a bass drum popping out from the wall. The displays are 22″ wide, 5″ deep and weigh 8 lbs.

“This is one of the ultimate souvenirs that you could own by your favorite band,” says KORN drummer Ray Luzier. “It looks so badass hangin’ in my studio, like a kickdrum’s literally busting out of the wall!! My friends all trip out when they come over and rant over it. Sticks, picks and photos are cool, but get yourself a Select A Head, truly a unique display, and support of your fave band!!”

Global Merchandising Services are music artist, celebrity and brand merchandise experts. Headquartered in London and Los Angeles, Global is a licensing powerhouse with best in class design, product development, and manufacturing and direct-to-consumer sales. Global executes and delivers business through all channels of retail distribution, live events, web stores, pop-up stores, brand origination and development, sponsorship, endorsements and third-party licensing.




Source: Blabbermouth

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