MOTÖRHEAD: BLACK STONE CHERRY Should Apologize For ‘Cocaine’ Comments

MOTÖRHEAD has dismissed as a “lie” BLACK STONE CHERRY bassist Jon Lahwon’s claim that he was offered cocaine by late MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy and other members of the MOTÖRHEAD camp when the two bands toured together more than six years ago.

Asked by Sweden’s if he had any good Lemmy stories from BLACK STONE CHERRY’s 2009 tour with MOTÖRHEAD and whether he had a chance to sit down and talk to the iconic MOTÖRHEAD rocker, Jon said: “Not at a length, no. But we did meet him and did speak with him. The funniest thing from the whole tour was [that] all of them — not just Lemmy, [but] all of them — would offer us whisky and coke every day. Not whisky and [Coca-Cola], but whisky and cocaine. They would offer it to us, like, every day, and we were, like, ‘Well, we can get down with the whisky, but the cocaine, we’re all right.’ But it was every day that they would offer it to us, and it was, like, every day we’d tell ‘em that no, we didn’t [do cocaine], and we got the same speech every day: ‘Wow! We can’t believe you’re in rock and roll and don’t do cocaine.’ And we were, like, ‘We just talked about this yesterday.’ They didn’t remember. They just didn’t realize they had just said the same thing to us the day before.”

A day after the above quote was published on BLABBERMOUTH.NET, the administrator of MOTÖRHEAD’s Facebook page posted a link to the article and added the following message: “Mikkey [Dee, MOTÖRHEAD drummer] has never done drugs. The only coke Lemmy loved went in his Jack Daniel’s.

“Sad to see people the band helped lie.

“An apology would be the decent thing…”

BLACK STONE CHERRY has since taken to Facebook to respond to the criticism the band has received for its bassist’s allegedly faulty memory. The group wrote: “For the record, we LOVE and RESPECT MOTÖRHEAD 100%. We have nothing bad to say about them whatsoever. Gotta love how publications take something you say lightly and run with it.”

Dee was reluctant to discuss Lemmy’s drug use when asked about it by Sweden Rock Magazine during a recent interview. He said: “I don’t know if I want to sit here and say what he was and wasn’t doing. I can say this: he quit doing everything for quite a long while, because he was actually shocked when he became ill [in 2013]. I just know that he told me: ‘The day you try drugs, you’re fucking fired.’ [Laughs] I’ve never tried drugs. I drink my beer, but he made sure that I would never try drugs. If I’d done that, the whole thing would’ve crashed.”

BLACK STONE CHERRY’s fifth studio album, “Kentucky”, was released on April 1 via Mascot Label Group.

Source: Blabbermouth

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