MÖTLEY CRÜE’s NIKKI SIXX On Paris Rock Concert Massacre: ‘It Could Have Happened To Us’

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has commented on the events of November 13 in Paris, France, when more than 129 people were killed in seven coordinated terrorist attacks.

The greatest number of deaths took place at the Bataclan, a French music venue where EAGLES OF DEATH METAL were performing when terrorists began a siege that ended with 89 people in the club either shot to death or killed in explosions.

Speaking on a recent edition of his syndicated radio show “Sixx Sense”, Sixx said (hear audio below): “I’m on the road with a rock band, and I have a road crew and tour buses and fans and everything that’s extended off of what we’re doing out here. And the same thing happened in Paris; there was a band playing and fans.

“I found out about this when I walked off stage in Munich. At the same time that we [MÖTLEY CRÜE] were playing, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL were playing in Paris, and it was a totally different experience, even though it was similar in a lot of ways. That’s really what touched me and touched all of us out here even a little bit deeper than the news. Because we were, like, ‘It could have happened here.’ Not just one country over.”

He continued: “Our bus company that we use is also used by EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, so there’s all these photos outside of the venue, and you see the bus and crew members, and we all know each other. I know that band; I know their crew. It could have happened to us, it could have happened to any of us bands touring in Europe, and the fans.

“What message does this send just into the entertainment industry?

“People go to a rock concert, or a pop concert, or a country concert, they go just to have a good time — have some beers, sing their favorite songs. This was never on the list of things to worry about in the music industry.

“Sporting events… People go out to a meal to just have a nice meal and sip on some wine and talk and live their life. And there’s dead bodies everywhere.”

Sixx added: “I’m just kind of, with everybody else, blown away. But in our little world, our little touring world, of musicians and crew and just everything that we do, it’s weird, because it was just a mere one country over.”

A number of artists halted their European treks in the wake of the Paris attacks, including LAMB OF GOD, FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES and others.

The attacks in Paris led to a military response by France against the radical Islamic organization ISIS, as French jets bombed a series of targets in Syria.

The attacks have stepped up worldwide concern over ISIS, as well as a debate in the U.S. over whether to accept Syrian refugees.

Source: Blabbermouth

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