Motley Crue Issue Teaser Trailer for Upcoming Final Show Film

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Though Motley Crue are no longer a performing band, their legacy will continue to light up headlines and the rock community will be talking about the legendary act’s final tour for some time. The final show, dubbed “Crue Year’s Eve” took place on Dec. 31 in Los Angeles, right where the band started back in 1981, and was filmed for a future theatrical release. And though the film is not expected for some time, a teaser has already been posted.

Directed by Christian Lamb and Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine — who is also directing the upcoming film adaption of the band’s legendary tell-all book, The Dirt — the final show will be featured in theaters in the coming months. The release will only see one night of screenings in theaters and as a Pay Per View event according to Billboard.

The trailer showcases the range of emotions at Crue’s final performance as the ballad “Home Sweet Home” plays throughout. There’s tears from Vince Neil, plenty of sweat and probably some blood to be found somewhere as the band gave it their all to the hometown crowd.

“The Cruecifly” is shown in one of the clips, which is Tommy Lee‘s infamous drum stunt that sees his entire kit guided along two roller coaster tracks across the venue while spinning 360 degrees on a horizontal axis. It remains to be seen whether the film will include the part where the kit gets stuck upside down on the track, temporarily leaving an animated Lee hanging upside down before stagehands quickly got things back on track.

Motley Crue signed a “cessation of touring” agreement that legally forbids the band to tour again, ensuring this would indeed be the one and only farewell tour from one of rock’s most notorious bands.

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Motley Crue Bring it ‘Home Sweet Home’ to Los Angeles for Final Show


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