MOONSORROW To Release ‘Jumalten Aika’ Album In April

After signing a worldwide deal with Century Media Records back in 2012, Finnish crusaders of heathen metal MOONSORROW, are now ready to open a new chapter with the release of yet another epic and majestic masterpiece. “Jumalten Aika”, which means “The Age Of Gods”, will be made available on April 1, 2016.

The band comments: “MOONSORROW welcomes you to The Age Of Gods! ‘Jumalten Aika’ is a journey to the deepest North and into the darkest mythologies created in the depths of human soul. Narrated by the voice and sound of MOONSORROW!”

In April 2016, MOONSORROW will head out for a European co-headline tour with fellow countrymen KORPIKLAANI. The two powerhouses of Finnish folk metal will join forces once again, with both bands playing extended sets. There will also be an official MOONSORROW album-release show at Virgin Oil in Helsinki on April 1.
Source: Blabbermouth

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