MIKE PORTNOY: ‘I Love Being In A Band With Somebody That’s Getting In More Trouble With BLABBERMOUTH Than I Am’

Drummer Mike Portnoy (THE WINERY DOGS, DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD) was interviewed on this week’s edition of the “Noize In The Attic – Where Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You” (web site) on 88.7 FM in New Haven Connecticut. You can now listen to the chat using the PodOmatic widget below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On touring with TWISTED SISTER as the replacement for the band’s late drummer A.J. Pero:

Portnoy: “I’ve been doing this a couple of years [laughs], and I know how to be a professional and do what’s called for, depending on the gig that I’m doing. I’m currently in six different bands and I wear very different hats in all of them and I play very different styles in all of them. So I know when I’m supposed to be a leader, when I’m supposed to be a collaborator, when I’m supposed to be a hired gun, like I am with TWISTED. I know how to play those different roles and I always respect what is called for. Not to mention the fact that I also had a similar scenario when I filled in with AVENGED SEVENFOLD — you know, coming in with a drummer that had passed away and honoring and respecting what laid before me. You know, so, as sad as it is to say, this is actually my second time filling in for a deceased drummer. So I kind of know how to handle the situation… At the same time, I wanna be me. I wanna pay respect to A.J. — with The Rev, like I did with AVENGED — but I also wanna be me. But be me very respectfully. Like, at first, I had to… Normally, my stage presence is very acrobatic and, hey, trying to steal the spotlight… That’s my natural stage presence. But, like I said, I know when to pull it back and what hat to wear, depending on the gig, and with TWISTED, I had to be very respectful [of the fact that] I’m there to serve a purpose and do a job.”

On whether he will play more shows with TWISTED SISTER in the future:

Portnoy: “Well, they’re done for the year, and next year is gonna mark their fortieth anniversary with Dee [Snider, vocals] in the band, and it’s also gonna be their farewell tour. They said they want me to stay on board, and I would love to stay on board. It’s all gonna be schedule permitting. I’m gonna be out with THE WINERY DOGS all through next year as well. But if there’s a way that we could make it work and I could do both, I would love to see out the TWISTED gig to the end, if I can.”

On his history with TWISTED SISTER:

Portnoy: “I love those guys. They’re great, great guys, and I grew up listening to them, so I respect where they come from. I didn’t discover them with ‘I Wanna Rock’ and ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ in the ’80s; I was seeing them on the club circuit on Long Island when I was a teenager, so my history with them goes way back to the beginning. I used to go see them in Island Park, which was the town over from where I grew up. I grew up with them being local Long Island legends, so I get their legacy and their history and, for me, it’s an honor to play with them.”

On TWISTED SISTER singer Dee Snider’s recent war of words with KISS frontman Paul Stanley:

Portnoy: “I love being in a band with somebody that’s getting in more trouble with Blabbermouth than I am. It’s awesome. [Laughs] It makes me look good. Well, look, the thing between Paul and Dee is between Paul and Dee, but the funny thing is that the fight stemmed from each of them being on shows with two of my best friends. Dee was with Eddie Trunk and Paul was with Chris Jericho, and Chris and Eddie are two of my best friends on Earth. So I actually had some very funny inside texts with those guys when all that shit was going down. What’s my opinion? Look, I don’t wanna get involved with this. Dee is… I love Dee, and he’s now a bandmate of mine, so, obviously, I’ve got his back, but, honestly, I had his back in the subject anyway, because I’m an old-school KISS fan. I love KISS. One of my first concerts ever was seeing them at Madison Square Garden in 1977. And Ace was always my hero. Even though I was a drummer, Ace was my hero. So I understand and Dee and Eddie Trunk’s frustration. However, that being said, I’m staying out of it.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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