MICHAEL MONROE: ‘Don’t Let The Music Die On Denmark Street’

Former HANOI ROCKS singer Michael Monroe has a track on his new studio album, “Blackout States”, called “Deadhearts On Denmark Street”.

Nicknamed Tin Pan Alley (because streets sound cooler when you name them after bits of New York), the 100-yard stretch right on the lip of London’s Soho was, once upon a time, the center of the U.K. music industry. Many of the large music corporations started in the street and a number of world-famous artists — including THE KINKS, THE ROLLING STONES and Elton John — recorded their first tracks there. But now it is under threat from property developers and London’s Crossrail project.

Michael recently came to visit the street to talk to the media and see the destruction for himself. As he says at the end of the clip below, “Don’t let the music die on Denmark Street.”

Writer and broadcaster Henry Scott-Irvine launched a Change.org petition last year, Don’t Bin Tin Pan Alley, urging Camden Council to reconsider their support for developers Consolidated Developments’ plans to redevelop Denmark Street.

“This is demolition,” he told Mojo. “This should be stopped. Denmark St. and the surrounding St Giles area should be given full heritage status like Covent Garden Market, Hatton Garden, and Savile Row.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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