METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo, who are both avid surfers, took part in a cleanup earlier today at San Francisco’s popular Ocean Beach as part of a photo op sponsored by the San Francisco Giants.

Asked during an appearance at 2014’s Surf Summit what the surf industry can learn from the music industry, Hammett and Trujillo both pointed to adapting quickly to change. One of the downfalls that Trujillo cited is when major corporations start to tighten their grip on the industry, and weren’t in tune with the creative forces behind the bands, which are the core of both of our industries.

“The art and the creative side is a wave, and that force went away for a while but it starting to happen again right now,” said Trujillo. “You need to find a way to propel this creativity to the masses. People get brainwashed and they start to forget what’s good.”

Hammett echoed those sentiments, and pointed out that one of the biggest parallels between the two industries is that surfers and musicians are constantly challenging themselves — a quality that tends to lead to success.

One quote that seemed to resonate with the crowd of surf industry execs came from Trujillo toward the end of the discussion, as he reflected upon the band’s career and success: “Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Be humble because it can all go away just like that. Remember the people who got me where I am today, remember the past, and then keep moving forward.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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