MESHUGGAH’s ‘Bleed’ Sitar Cover Version Delivered By Indian Teenager (Video)

Video footage of the MESHUGGAH song “Bleed” performed on a sitar by eighteen-year-old Indian musician named Rishabh Seen can be viewed below.

Says Rishabh in a note accompanying the clip: “‘To all the viewers, here are a few things I would like to mention about everything in this video, regarding which you might have some questions.

“This is the fastest version of ‘Bleed’ ’till now on the Internet (136 BPM)

“Firstly, I would like to give a special mention to my dear friend Josh Seguin who is the guitarist for MUTE THE SAINT and his band P.D.P. as his own cover video of this song was the source of inspiration for me in which he played this song at 130 BPM. It was his playing and that pushed be to take it further to 136 BPM in this video.

“Secondly, the solo part was recorded live and no digital speed-ups were used for the whole song which is the reason why I missed a few strokes here and there.The sitar sounds a bit shabby because of one main reason — It has been forcefully tuned to D sharp where no sitar is tuned because of a standard scale length. I have kept it all real and taken it as far as I could take it.

“Thirdly, this cover is NOT at all to show off or like prove something , but just a sincere effort of putting something real which might be fun to watch and hear.This song became a part of my practice schedule so since I was able to push it , I wanted to give it a try. Love the original tempo’s feel a lot, but here is just something which to me was an insane experience. Learnt a lot!”

The original version of “Bleed” is featured on MESHUGGAH’s album “obZen”, which was released in March 2008 through Nuclear Blast.

Source: Blabbermouth

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