LITA FORD Says Her Upcoming Autobiography Is ‘Full Of Dirt’

Mark Strigl of Talking Metal conducted an interview with ’80s hard rock queen Lita Ford at the Food Truck & Rock Carnival, which was held earlier in the month in Clark, New Jersey. You can now listen to the chat using the Spreaker widget below.

Speaking about her long-awaited autobiography, “Lita Ford – Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir”, which is now set to arrive in the spring of 2016 via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, Ford said: “Oh my God, it’s full of dirt. It really is. You know, [MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist and Lita’s former boyfriend] Nikki [Sixx] told me, ‘Don’t hold back.’ He said, ‘Let it fly.’ So I did. I let it fly. I don’t wanna get into it, because I don’t wanna give it away. But it’s a great book. I’m really, honestly telling you the truth. It’s a great book. I’m very happy with it. There’s lots of emotional ups and downs. I found out myself, when I read through it, I cry with happiness, I cry with laughter. Things are so goddamn funny — so funny that you’re just, like, ‘Oh my God, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.’ And then it goes to the next extreme, which is, like, ‘Wow, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard.’ So it’s got a lot of different emotional roller coaster rides on it.”

According to Lita, the reason her book has been delayed so many times is the fact that “I keep adding stuff.” Thankfully, her publishers have “been absolutely awesome. They have my back. ‘I wanna change this. I wanna change that.’ ‘Fine.’ So they’re one hundred percent supportive, which is awesome.”

Ford also revealed that she is working on material for the follow-up to her “Living Like A Runaway” CD, which was released in June 2012 in North America. “We’re writing a new album now,” she said. “We’ve got about half of the album written now. Then we go out and do a few shows — we just hop on a plane and go and do three or four shows, go back home and write some more. So we’re just gonna pick the best of the best songs, once they’re all done — written and recorded — [and] see what makes the album and what doesn’t. But right now we’ve got a handful of really great stuff.”

At least a good portion of “Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir” will focus on Lita’s years with the all-teenage-girl rock band THE RUNAWAYS, whose members also included fellow future rock star Joan Jett.

Source: Blabbermouth

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