Lita Ford Featured as Music Teacher in Indeed Commercial

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Looking for jobs on the Internet can be tedious, sifting through post after post in an endless sea of exclamation points and capital letters all vying for attention. Sometimes entering in the keywords doesn’t even result in a search for what you wanted! boasts over 16 million jobs and shows you what you can do when you find the right one with a little help from rock goddess Lita Ford!

The commercial doesn’t even spend much time describing their search tactics and just skip ahead to the day you’re hired! They think their website rocks and the show it with a teacher (Lita Ford) rocking out and displaying some shredding skills on her guitar. After searching for “music teacher” on the site, the clip cuts to Ford, dressed in a frumpy teacher’s outfit complete with oversized glasses and her hair in a bun, collecting music sheets.

She’s landed the job she wanted and picks up her guitar to celebrate. Her soloing can be heard down the empty halls of the school as she works late like any good new teacher does. That doesn’t mean it can’t come without a little fun!

Lita Ford will be releasing her Time Capsule album on April 15. The record promises to be an interesting one as the songs were compiled from unearthed 24-track analog tapes the singer found in her home. She invited a host of guest musicians to play on the album as well, including Billy Sheehan, Dave Navarro, Jeff Scott Soto, Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander and Gene Simmons. She will serve as support for Halestorm on their upcoming Spring tour, which kicks off on April 1 in Reading, Pa.

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