Listen To RUSH’s GEDDY LEE Playing Bass On New Song From Canadian Indie-Rock Band WINTERSLEEP

Geddy Lee of RUSH played bass on the song “Territory” from Canadian indie-rock band WINTERSLEEP. The track will appear on WINTERSLEEP’s new album, “The Great Detachment”, which will be released on March 4 via Dine Alone Records. Fans who preorder the album will receive an instant download of “Territory”.

“We were talking about how amazing RUSH was … and how incredible Geddy Lee is,” Paul Murphy, the band’s lead singer, told Rolling Stone. “He can sing these incredibly complex melodies with complex lyrics, while playing perhaps even more incredibly complex bass parts, while also operating foot pedals. If there was an instrument he could play with his eyeballs, I’m sure he’d be able to!”

Lee explained how his involvement came about. “WINTERSLEEP contacted me a while ago and asked me to play bass on this track,” Lee told Rolling Stone. “I had a listen and loved the song and the vibe of the band. I had a blast laying down a bunch of takes and sent them off to them. I’m happy to support a fellow Canadian band and wish them all the best with their new album.”

Two years in the making, “The Great Detachment” marks a return to the organic approach of WINTERSLEEP’s earlier works that simultaneously sees them reaching new pinnacles of songwriting and production. The 11-song collection was recorded at Halifax’s Sonic Temple with producer Tony Doogan (BELLE & SEBASTIAN, MOGWAI).

The band recorded the majority of “The Great Detachment” live-off-the-floor, adding an organic and transparent aural aesthetic to the collection. The album is very much an introspective work, both conceptually and thematically. It delivers a welcome dose of the atmospheric, entrancing alt-rock for which the band has become known, with beautifully orchestrated arrangements anchored by haunting, almost hypnotic vocal melodies. “It’s a very different energy,” Murphy opines, “and one that we kind of missed.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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