Listen To HAIL OF BULLETS Song ‘Swoop Of The Falcon’ Featuring DAVID INGRAM On Vocals

David Ingram (ex-BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION) will front Dutch old-school death metallers HAIL OF BULLETS for their appearance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest, set to take place on May 28 in Baltimore, Maryland.

A two-minute sample of the HAIL OF BULLETS song “Swoop Of The Falcon”, featuring newly recorded lead vocals by David Ingram, can be streamed below.

Said HAIL OF BULLETS: “[Maryland Deathfest] will be the only HAIL OF BULLETS show until the summer of 2016. We’re happy to have David on board and we will see and announce what the future brings us after the Maryland Deathfest show. And yes, we intend to start working on new material [this] year.”

HAIL OF BULLETS recently parted ways with vocalist Martin Van Drunen (PESTILENCE, ASPHYX) due to “personal” differences. The band explained: “The main reason for starting this band eight years ago was our mutual love for real death metal and to have fun playing our favorite kind of music and we did not want to lose this ‘fun’ part.”

HAIL OF BULLETS features GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby, THANATOS guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen.

HAIL OF BULLETS‘ third album, “III: The Rommel Chronicles”, was released in October 2013 via Metal Blade Records.

Source: Blabbermouth

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