LELAHELL Seeking Donations Through Indiegogo Campaign for “Alif”

LELAHELL Seeking Donations Through Indiegogo Campaign for “Alif”

As previously reported, Algerian death metal trio Lelahell launched a crowdfunding campaign for their second album titled Alif. The campaign, hosted on Indiegogo, has 10 days until it’s completed.

In a recent interview for Rocking Charts, the founder of the band, guitarist Redouane “Lelahel” Aouameur said about the campaign and funds: “The majority of funds needed are intended to help cover the costs of album artwork, production of the album, production of a music video and band merchandise:

1st Goal (Production): 4000 euros – 1000 euros recording + 3000 euros mix and mastering;

2nd Goal: 5000 euros (visuals) – lyric video (500 euros) + complete artwork (500 euros);

3rd Goal 7000 Euros – music video (2000 Euros);

4th Goal 8000 Euros – merchandising (1000 Euros).

Lelahell took a different approach in the writing process for Alif. “We have introduced other techniques in the guitar riffs and added more complexity to the drums. ‘Alif’ has more technical and ethnic influences than our previous album,” Aouameur said.

The title of the album is inspired by the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. In Arabic, alif is the first letter in the alphabet, and it is used in Arabic calligraphy to determine the size of the following characters. Lelahell say they chose the title as this album “will be the main musical reference of the next upcoming releases.

The trio’s new album, Alif, is slated as the group’s second full-length album and third release since the band’s formation in 2010. Lelahell are set to record at Hertz Studio in Poland under the guidance of well-known producers — the Wiesławscy brothers.

Head over to Indiegogo, and support Lelahell in their mission. For more Lelahell news follow the band on Facebook.

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