LACUNA COIL Is Reintroducing ‘A Lot’ Of Growling Vocals On Upcoming Album

Vocalist Cristina Scabbia of Italian heavy rockers LACUNA COIL was interviewed on a recent edition of the Revolver magazine podcast. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below.

Speaking about the progress of the recording sessions for LACUNA COIL’s new album, “Delirium”, Scabbia said: “I think that everything will be finished by the end of February, and the album should be out end of May. We already have the idea of it all, but, of course, things are gonna change during the process, and even in the studio; we change a lot of things in the studio.”

LACUNA COIL’s new CD is being recorded at BRX Studio in Milan. The effort is being produced by LACUNA COIL bassist and main songwriter Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati, with engineering by Marco Barusso and additional assistance from Dario Valentini.

Regarding LACUNA COIL’s decision to record the new album in Italy, Scabbia said: “It’s not the first time, because we did the same thing on the previous record, [2014’s] ‘Broken Crown Halo’. And even on [2012’s] ‘Dark Adrenaline’, we recorded part of it in Italy. Because now, with technology, it doesn’t really make a big difference to be in a city or another… It was very different years ago where you would have to go to a specific studio to find the quality. Now it’s much easier. Plus, it was easier for us to be home, for different reasons — a comfortable choice, ‘cause you could be [going home at the end of the day]. Which might be a con sometimes, because you might lose the focus, but it’s not our case, ‘cause we’re really into the new record. It was for the comfortable level. It was also because of costs as well — because of the budget, you can save money, sleeping in your own house. And plus, we know tons of very, very good engineers and people that can help us out, so that helps on that comfort level that I was telling you before.”

“Delirium” is LACUNA COIL’s first album to featuring American drummer Ryan Blake Folden, who has been touring with the band since 2012. “He’s been with us for quite a while, because he used to be our drum tech years ago, so he was already part of the family,” Cristina said. “And it was really, really important for us to have someone who could be family to us. Because we’ve always been like a group of friends before being a band together. For us, it’s really important to be friends, to be hanging out together even off stage. It’s really important. I mean, we don’t care about the band put together just because of the business. It’s really important to have fun. So he was the perfect person, because he’s not only an amazing drummer, but he’s also a super-nice guy, he’s good looking, so he has the perfect image. We love him. He’s such a funny guy too.”

On the topic of how Ryan’s addition to LACUNA COIL has affected the band’s sound, Cristina said: “Well, the new sound is definitely gonna be heavier, a little bit more technical, ‘cause he’s really, really good, so we can play with drums. But there are gonna be a lot of differences. I mean, we reintroduced a lot of growls with the singing as well. So, overall, it’s gonna be more heavy than it used to be. I mean, it’s weird to say, because, on one side, we’re going back, because we’re going back to the LACUNA COIL roots, with a lot more growling, more aggressive [and] and more metal, but on the other side, there are a lot of new elements. So it’s a combination of things that makes everything really new for us. We’re always talking about evolution, because it’s always been the right way for us — not to get stuck in one place, to try to find different things, to take some risks. I mean, sometimes we’ve been criticized for our choices, but we see that [as] the only way to go on. You can’t do the same thing over and over. You wouldn’t do it in life, so we don’t want to do it in our music.”

“Broken Crown Halo” sold around 13,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on April 1, 2014 via Century Media.

“Broken Crown Halo” was recorded Italy by producer Jay Baumgardner (P.O.D., SEVENDUST, EVANESCENCE, PAPA ROACH) and engineer Kyle Hoffmann (P.O.D., BUSH, ZEBRAHEAD).

Source: Blabbermouth

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