KORN Is ‘About A Third Of The Way Done’ With Next Album

KORN guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer has confirmed to Billboard.com that the band has commenced writing material for the follow-up to 2013’s “The Paradigm Shift” album.

“We’re working on new music,” he said. “I’d say we’re about a third of the way done. We wrote about 20 songs and about 10 of those we’ve kept and made better. I think we’re gonna need to go back in and write another batch of songs and then fine-tune those into four, five really great songs. There’s no rush, which feels great. It’s time to take a little extra time and make a great album. I think it’s time to solidify our legacy, ‘cause I’m really proud of it.”

A producer has already been selected to helm KORN’s new CD, but Munky says that the band “is gonna wait a couple more weeks before we announce that.”

KORN guitarist Brian “Head” Welch said in a recent interview on “You Don’t Know Jack” that the material the band is writing for its twelfth album is “heavier than anyone’s heard KORN in a long time.” He added, “We’re really pleased with what’s going on. We just want everyone to be happy with the album. We want everybody to be smiling at the end of the process, so we do have other things to consider. But, yeah, we’re gonna come out heavier than anyone’s heard KORN in a long time, I think. And just the beginning stages are proof of that to me.”

Welch was asked if some recent performances of KORN’s 1994 self-titled debut in its entirety had led the band back to a heavier sound. He replied, “I think it’s helped being on the SLIPKNOT tour last year and seeing the crowd and just seeing Jonathan [Davis, singer] lead the arena in all the arenas we played. I think it sparked and reminded everybody in the band what KORN started out to be.”

KORN has booked a fall North American tour on which the band will perform its debut album in its entirety at every stop. The trek kicks off on October 1 in Chicago, winding down a month later on October 30 in Oakland.
Source: Blabbermouth

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