King Diamond to Write New Album in 2016

King Diamond is currently on tour performing the iconic Abigail album in full, but if you thought the band would be riding off into the sunset, you’re dead wrong. According to guitarist Andy LaRocque, King Diamond will begin cranking out a new album in 2016.

King Diamond took a nine year break from traveling throughout North America, re-emerging in 2014 for a celebrated tour. This year, King Diamond took part in the 2015 Mayhem Festival before embarking on yet another tour to give fans Abigail live in concert.

During an interview with The Metal Voice, LaRocque revealed King Diamond will begin on the band’s first album since 2007’s Give Me Your Soul… Please. “I’ve been really busy [producing other bands at my studio in Sweden] until we went on the Mayhem [Festival] tour this summer,” LaRocque says. “I was really busy until then. And since we got back from the Mayhem tour, I think I’ve only been in the studio for, like, three days, because we’ve been so busy preparing for this tour. But, actually, we’re gonna have a little break after this tour, and after that break, we’re gonna start writing music for the next album.”

He continues, “We have some riffs, but once we start getting into the process, it’s gonna be brainstorming and all that stuff. So it’s gonna be somewhere, I guess, in maybe February, we’re gonna start doing that.”

Stay tuned for updates on King Diamond’s next album as news breaks. For the full list of King Diamond’s ‘Abigail in Concert’ shows, click here.

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