IZEGRIM To Release ‘The Ferryman’s End’ Album In The Spring

Dutch metallers IZEGRIM will release their new album, “The Ferryman’s End”, in the spring via Listenable.

Recorded at the prestigious Soundlodge studio in Germany, the ferocious new CD is the follow-up to the band’s previous full-length releases, “Code Of Consequences” and “Congress Of The Insane”.

Many bands are said not being able to top their earlier albums. “The Ferryman’s End” proves that wrong in a very brutal manner, taking the catchy components of what made the band so successfully murderous on record as well as in the live environment and developing them further into extremely punishing barbarity.

IZEGRIM guitarist Jeroen comments: “Needless to say, we are thrilled and honored to re-ink a new deal with Listenable Records. Never change a winning team!

“With this new album, we aimed for more catchy songs, to-the­point songwriting, agression, viciousness and on top of that a better production. We went ‘back to basics,’ essentially to incorporate better structure and more power than ever before. This album sounds massive and most certainly a punch right in your face.”

Lyrically, IZEGRIM vocalist/bassist Marloes steps into the shoes of a twisted and insane main character sitting on death row waiting to be executed. Every individual song is a journey further into the sick and disturbed brain of the murderer. During the very last act of terror, the Ferryman gets killed, leaving all souls of his victims to dwell forever.

Artwork duties were handled by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, SATAN, HATEBREED, SOULFLY).

“The Ferryman’s End” track listing:

01. White Walls
02. Time To Run
03. Endless Desire
04. The Evil Within
05. Absolute Necessity
06. Reclaim My Identity
07. Insanity Is Freedom
08. Reflection Of Redemption
09. Through A Glass Darkly
10. Lost In Tranquillity
11. The Ferrymans End
Source: Blabbermouth

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