Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson on His Cancer Battle: ‘I Am My Own Science Project’

Iron Maiden Bruce DickinsonKarl Walter, Getty Images

Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson has been given the “all clear” after a battle with cancer. Dickinson had two tumors in his neck and tongue area removed and has spent recent months on the path to recovery.

Speaking with Metal Hammer about the experience, Dickinson revealed that it was an interesting process to see how his body reacted to the treatment. “You end up with the metabolism of a hummingbird during this treatment because you’re being cooked from the inside out. But your body’s also trying to heal itself rapidly, and it goes into overdrive,” said the singer. “I think that’s one reason why you lose weight. It’s simply because your system is banging away and then eventually it all dropped back down to normal.

He adds, “It’s fascinating. Basically, I am my own science project.” Dickinson’s full interview with Metal Hammer will appear in the magazine, which arrives on stands tomorrow.

With Dickinson getting the approval from doctors, he’s now ready to resume rocking with Iron Maiden. The band’s latest album, The Book of Souls, is due Sept. 4. The group just released their video for the song “Speed of Light.” If you wish to pre-order The Book of Souls, you can do so via iTunes and receive ‘Speed of Light” as an immediate download.

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