HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, the supergroup featuring international film star and musician Johnny Depp alongside Alice Cooper and AEROSMITH’s Joe Perry, has partnered with Epic Rights and Global Merchandising Services to create rock-themed apparel, collectibles, wall art and more through their network of licensees. The all-new merchandise, licensing, e-commerce and digital media agreement encompasses concert merchandise, brand opportunities, fan experiences and licensing and retail strategies. In addition, Epic Rights and Global Merchandising Services will manage the band’s official online merchandise shop.

Epic Rights‘ CEO Dell Furano and Global Merchandising ServicesBarry Drinkwater jointly stated: “HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES embodies the spirit of the music and artists that really defined the rock attitude and lifestyle we all secretly aspire to, and the mystique surrounding the club translates effortlessly into classic rock merchandise. Now that Alice and Johnny have resurrected HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, it is fueling fan demand for merchandise and social media interaction, and the possibilities are limitless.”

During the 1970s in the upstairs bar of the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, the Hollywood Vampires were born. It was a gathering place where celebrated artists such as John Lennon, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper, Harry Nilsson and countless others would meet and drink into the early morning hours, and the club became legendary.

Three years ago, Hollywood Vampires founding member Alice Cooper and his good friend Johnny Depp decided the time was right to revive the camaraderie and spirit that defined Hollywood Vampires (minus the drinking), creating an environment for great artists to hang, laugh and play together. Cooper and Depp were joined by Perry, along with producer Bob Ezrin, and soon the recording began. The new album, “Hollywood Vampires”, was released on September 11, followed by two live performances at The Roxy in Hollywood and an international appearance at Rock In Rio in Brazil.
Source: Blabbermouth

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