HateSphere crowdfunding campaign

HateSphere new album, tour and video crowdfunding campaign!

We call upon our loyal fans to unite and help us out with financing our next album, video and tour!

Short summary :

As you all know Hatesphere is a hard-working band that never seems to settle down. 8 studio albums (#9 is in the making, as we speak), several EP’s and numerous tours within the last 15 years. No doubt, it’s been fun, it’s been hard and now we’re ready to do it all over again, but we need your help. See, lately, with the music industry going the way it does, we have been seeing a lot of red numbers on the account and a new album, video and tour is definitely not going to fix that. So, and in all, if this machine should be able to keep running we need som extra fuel. Of course we’re not expecting you guys to cover all of our expenses so we’ve put 6000$ as our goal, which should fill about half of that deep dark hole!

What we need and what you get :

> We love playing music and we want to keep on playing for years and years and we need your help to realize that dream. We want to give you, the fans, the best possible product, always.
> To help us achieve our goal, we’ve set up an bunch of unique perks. We want to show our gratitude by going the extra mile and offer our fans some spectacular perks alongside special merchandise offers and such. So take a look around!
> Everything we make on this campaign will go strictly to keep this band up and running, so that you’ll get the chance to see more Hatesphere in 2016, 2017…..and so on. If we don’t reach our goal, don’t worry, we’ll still make very good use of that money. And understand, NOTHING will end up in our own pockets. Should we exceed our goal, we’ll make an even better video or two videos or more tours or an EP, who knows, and put something aside for 2016.
> We will keep you updated throughout the whole campaign.

But does it matter?

Hell yes! YOU can make a difference for us. We know it’s sounds a bit cliché but truth be told, it’s not easy nor cheap to keep on touring and making albums and so on. The fans are always expecting something new from a band so we decided to expect something back.

> Your contribution will help us realize our plans for the rest of 2015 and be ready for 2016 without financial obstacles and stress.
> You might wonder why we’re asking for your help when the studio is already booked, the video is being discussed and the tour is confirmed! Well, even without your contributions we will still put out the album, still do the tour but no video. “Sounds like you guys are doing fine”. Yeah, except these things have drained our account so what happens next? Every album, video and tour we have to partially finance ourselves. We’ve seen plenty of musicians or entire bands quit the whole scene because, but we’re not quite ready to go there yet so we thought we would it might be time for a helping hand. Our dream scenario is that we all help each other out in a glorious band/fan collaboration. You buy, we give which is why we’ve chosen this kind of fundraising over simple donations.
> We realize that prices might be slightly higher than the standard price for the items but after all this is a fundraising campaign….with benefits!

Other ways you can help :

Don’t want any perks? Well, you don’t have to spend money to support us. Tell your friends, share this campaign on facebook using the Indiegogo share tools, visit our regular merchandise store here : http://www.hatesphere.com/shop/ and buy stuff. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated.

Please note that all “Estimated delivery” dates may vary depending on our label, shirt providers and so on

Support the campaign here:

HateSphere crowdfunding campaign

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