GUNS N’ ROSES Bassist DUFF MCKAGAN: Trailer For ‘It’s So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore’ Documentary

GUNS N’ ROSES bassist Duff McKagan will release a documentary about his life, “It’s So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore”, this summer. The film, which was directed by filmmaker Christopher Duddy, who previously worked on visual effects for “Terminator 2”, “Total Recall” and “Titanic”, captures a special performance Duff held in Seattle in 2013 when he was promoting his memoir.

A trailer for “It’s So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore” can be seen at The film will open in theaters on June 3

“It’s So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore”, which bases its name on the title of Duff McKagan’s best-selling autobiography, documents the remarkable life of one of the founding members of both GUNS N’ ROSES and VELVET REVOLVER. It is the story of his rise to the pinnacle of fame and fortune, his struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction, his personal crash and burn, and his phoenix-like transformation via a unique path to sobriety and eventual redemption. The book was a best seller in 2011, with the film being targeted at not only that fan base, but to fans of Duff’s bands, including GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER and LOADED. Combined, these bands have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

In a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, McKagan stated about the “It’s So Easy” book, “It’s not really my story, it’s really not even my autobiography or memoir. I think that term is overused. It is a story of some shit that happened to me, but probably not the typical [things] what people might expect. It’s not my story of GUNS N’ ROSES or VELVET REVOLVER. All of those things are sort of in it, because they’re things I bounced through as I was getting deeper and deeper into addiction and finding my way out. It was challenging going through some of these things that I hadn’t thought about for a long time. And writing forces you to take your own part of your life, of what role you actually played — as opposed to the one you make up later on.”

Duff’s VELVET REVOLVER/GUNS N’ ROSES bandmate Slash has published his own book, as has ex-GUNS drummer Steven Adler, who released his life story, “My Appetite For Destruction: Sex And Drugs And Guns N’ Roses”, in July 2010.
Source: Blabbermouth

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