Ghost Mess With the Media on Grammys Red Carpet, Nearly Miss Acceptance Speech

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Ghost fans stood proud when the Swedish occult act took home the Best Metal Performance Grammy on Feb. 15. Now that the golden gramophone has been awarded, let’s have fun watching Ghost interact with the mainstream media.

Ghost stopped at a few spots along the Grammy red carpet, speaking with outlets like Billboard (see above). When frontman Papa Emeritus III was asked about Ghost’s outfits, the Ghost leader responded, “Well, they are black and they start here (points to neck) and by the tip of our toes.” The interviewer didn’t seem familiar with the band, as she asked Ghost how they picked their outfits, which they wear every night onstage. “They were in the wardrobe,” Papa began. “We took them out and we felt that since we normally wear these as a part of our so-called shtick, we thought how fitting that we use them even today.”

The band was actually interviewed by the Grammys itself on the red carpet (see below). Papa Emeritus III seemed especially transfixed on the female reporter, getting quite close to her face while greeting the lady. One of the ghouls popped out the brilliant line, “I wouldn’t necessarily say we use any more makeup than anyone else here tonight.” The ghoul later revealed he’d genuinely like to watch Adele’s performance, though Ghost didn’t stick around for the televised ceremony.

Rolling Stone spent some time with Ghost during the band’s ride over to the Grammys in a fancy limo along with the beings’ stroll on the red carpet. “What do I have to say to the other nominees? ‘F————ck you,’” Ghost said. “No, I have nothing to say. We might as well have been the losers. Well not the losers, but the non-winning people.”

It turns out that Ghost never even got seated for the Grammys pre-show, where the Best Metal Performance trophy was awarded. About a minute after Ghost entered the building, the band was announced as the victor. That’s why you saw Ghost’s handlers go up onstage during the acceptance; because they thought Ghost was still outside! Like true G’s, they got in, collected and got out, drinking out of the Grammy award and ending up at Kendrick Lamar’s afterparty.

Well done, gentlemen. Hail Ghost!

Watch Ghost Interviewed at the 2016 Grammy Awards

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