FROM ASHES TO NEW: ‘Lost And Alone’ Video Released

The official video for the song “Lost And Alone” from Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s FROM ASHES TO NEW can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s debut album, “Day One”, which was released on February 26 via Better Noise Records.

Regarding how FROM ASHES TO NEW came up with its band mate, co-vocalist and melodic linchpin Chris Musser told Hardrock Haven: “The name FROM ASHES TO NEW came from a song lyric that Matt [Brandyberry, vocals] and I had from a previous band that never really went anywhere. But it kind of symbolizes the fact that all of our other metal bands burnt out over the years, and we all pulled together to make this new combination or cross breed of different genres, this metal rock cocktail. That’s where it kind of came from, but what it has come to mean to me now is that this life is full of people place situations that eventually no longer suit you and you have to be conscious of when your being held you back, and be aware of when to move on. I like to try to not burn bridges in the process, but some situations you’ve got to make sure you don’t relive those mistakes so sometimes you got to burn the bridge to start anew.”

FROM ASHES TO NEW will take part in the “We’re All In This Together” tour alongside HELLYEAH, ESCAPE THE FATE and NEW YEARS DAY beginning May 2 in Baltimore, Maryland. Tickets are on sale now with a special incentive for rock fans: each ticket bought will come with a free eight-track tour sampler featuring unreleased and released tracks from each band on the bill. FROM ASHES TO NEW will be handing over the exclusive song “Who’s Laughing Now”, not featured on “Day One”, and, of course, fan favorite “Through It All”.

Source: Blabbermouth

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