Former Flyleaf Vocalist Lacey Sturm Reveals Release Date for ‘Life Screams’ Solo Album


Former Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm has announced the release date for her debut solo album! Life Screams is scheduled to hit shelves on Feb. 12.

Lacey remained relatively quiet after leaving Flyleaf in 2012 right before the band’s New Horizons album was released. Since her departure, she wrote her autobiography, The Reason, and focused on being a mother. Motherhood was one of the main reasons Sturm chose to step down from Flyleaf. The death of Flyleaf sound engineer Rich Caldwell forced Lacey to look at her life differently and ask herself, “If this was the last year I had with my son, how would I spend it?” Thus, she said goodbye after 10 years of touring.

Sturm’s musical comeback hit in November 2015 as she released the solo track “Impossible,” which was very well received by fans. Lacey wrote her Life Screams album alongside husband / guitarist Josh Sturm, Skillet‘s Korey Cooper and Grammy Award winning writer / producer David Hodges.

“In the beginning, Flyleaf really centered around my story and vision,” says Lacey. “This new project continues that narrative in a cohesive way.”

To pre-order Life Screams and various bundle packs, head over to Lacey Sturm’s GoMerch page.

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Former Flyleaf Vocalist Lacey Sturm Reveals Reason for Exiting the Band


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